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Byron Messia Biography

Byron Messia, also known by his real name Dylan Byron, is a talented Dancehall singer who has captured the attention of music lovers with his infectious tunes and captivating performances. With hit songs like “Talibans, Vent, MOCA, Smallest circle” Byron Messia has proven himself to be a rising star in the music industry. Let’s take a closer look at his biography, net worth, age, and career.


Early Life

Byron Messia was born on [insert birthdate] in [insert birthplace]. He developed a deep passion for music from a young age and was heavily influenced by the vibrant sounds of Dancehall, Reggae, and other genres. Growing up, he immersed himself in the rich Jamaican music culture, drawing inspiration from artists like Bob Marley, Vybz Kartel, and Buju Banton.

Career Breakthrough

Byron Messia’s journey in the music industry began with a humble start, as he performed at local events and talent shows. However, his big break came when he released his hit single “Talibans Vent.” The song showcased his unique vocal style and energetic delivery, instantly resonating with listeners. “Talibans Vent” became an anthem and catapulted Byron Messia into the spotlight, gaining him recognition both locally and internationally.

Musical Style and Influences

Byron Messia’s music is characterized by his smooth yet powerful vocals, infectious melodies, and energetic Dancehall beats. His sound blends traditional Dancehall elements with modern influences, creating a refreshing and contemporary sound. Drawing inspiration from his Jamaican roots, Byron Messia infuses his music with authenticity and a genuine love for the genre.


Notable Achievements and Collaborations

Since his breakthrough, Byron Messia has achieved several notable milestones in his career. He has collaborated with renowned artists in the industry, further solidifying his presence. His versatility and ability to adapt to various musical styles have made him a sought-after collaborator. Additionally, Byron Messia has performed at numerous concerts and festivals, captivating audiences with his vibrant stage presence.

Byron Messia Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Byron Messia is not publicly disclosed, his successful music career and growing popularity have undoubtedly contributed to his financial success. With hit songs, live performances, and endorsement deals, he has established a solid foundation for his net worth to grow.

Byron Messia Age and Personal Life

As of 2023, Byron Messia is 23 years old, he was born on April 10, 2000 in Jamaican. He is a Singer in Ztekk Records

Byron Messia’s age is currently not available as the information has not been publicly shared. As for his personal life, he prefers to keep a low profile, focusing primarily on his music and career. However, his dedication to his craft and passion for creating exceptional music shine through in his work.


Future Prospects

With his undeniable talent and rising popularity, Byron Messia’s future prospects in the music industry look incredibly promising. He continues to release new music and evolve as an artist, consistently captivating audiences with his infectious sound. As he continues to make waves in the Dancehall scene, there is no doubt that Byron Messia’s influence will only continue to grow.


Byron Messia, or Dylan Byron, is a talented Dancehall singer who has made a significant impact on the music industry with his hit songs and captivating performances. With his unique sound and energetic style, he has successfully carved out a place for himself in the competitive music world. As his career progresses, music enthusiasts eagerly anticipate what the future holds for this rising star.

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