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Dr Ted Herbosa Biography

Dr. Ted Herbosa is a prominent Filipino physician and public servant who served as the Health Undersecretary of the Philippines from 2010 to 2015. With a wealth of experience in the medical field, Dr. Herbosa has made significant contributions to public health and played a vital role in shaping healthcare policies in the country. In this article, we will delve into his biography, net worth, age, career, and his personal life, including his wife.


Early Life

Dr. Ted Herbosa was born in the Philippines, and while information regarding his exact date of birth is not readily available, it is believed that he was born in the late 1950s or early 1960s, making him in his early sixties as of 2023. He hails from a family with a strong background in medicine, and his passion for healthcare was instilled in him from an early age.

Dr Ted Herbosa Age

As of 2023, Dr Ted Herbosa is 72 years old, he was born on October 28, 1950 in Philippines


Education and Medical Career

Dr. Herbosa’s journey in the medical field began with his pursuit of higher education. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of the Philippines (UP) and went on to earn his Doctor of Medicine degree from the UP College of Medicine. After completing his medical studies, Dr. Herbosa pursued further specialization and training, focusing on emergency medicine and disaster management.

Throughout his career, Dr. Herbosa has held various important positions in the field of medicine. He has been recognized as an expert in emergency medicine, trauma, and disaster management. His expertise has been crucial in dealing with natural disasters and other emergencies, both in the Philippines and internationally.

Career as Health Undersecretary

In 2010, Dr. Ted Herbosa was appointed as the Health Undersecretary of the Philippines, a position he held for five years until 2015. As the Health Undersecretary, Dr. Herbosa played a pivotal role in the formulation and implementation of healthcare policies, focusing on improving access to quality healthcare services, particularly for marginalized communities.

During his tenure, Dr. Herbosa was instrumental in addressing various health issues faced by the country, including the management of disease outbreaks, disaster response, and strengthening the healthcare system. He actively advocated for universal healthcare coverage and worked towards expanding health services to underserved areas.


Contribution to Public Health

Dr. Herbosa’s expertise in emergency medicine and disaster management became particularly crucial during times of crises. He played an integral part in coordinating the response efforts during major natural disasters, such as Typhoon Haiyan (2013), which devastated parts of the Philippines. His leadership and coordination skills were crucial in mobilizing resources, providing medical assistance, and ensuring the efficient delivery of healthcare services to affected areas.

Throughout his career, Dr. Herbosa has been an advocate for public health awareness and education. He has actively participated in various campaigns to promote preventive health measures, such as vaccination programs and public health initiatives aimed at controlling the spread of infectious diseases.

Personal Life and Wife

Dr. Ted Herbosa has kept his personal life relatively private, and there is limited information available about his family and personal relationships. However, it is known that he is married and has a supportive wife who has stood by his side throughout his career.

Dr Ted Herbosa Net Worth

While the exact net worth of Dr. Ted Herbosa is not publicly disclosed, it is important to note that he has primarily dedicated his life to public service rather than personal financial gain. As a public servant, his focus has been on improving the healthcare system and ensuring the well-being of the Filipino population.

Legacy and Impact

Dr. Ted Herbosa’s contributions to public health, emergency medicine, and disaster management

have left a lasting impact on the Philippines. His expertise and dedication to improving healthcare services have helped shape policies and initiatives that continue to benefit the country. Dr. Herbosa’s legacy serves as an inspiration to aspiring healthcare professionals and public servants who aim to make a positive difference in society.


Dr. Ted Herbosa’s biography showcases his remarkable career as a physician and public servant. His role as the Health Undersecretary of the Philippines from 2010 to 2015 highlights his dedication to improving healthcare services, particularly in times of crisis. Through his expertise in emergency medicine and disaster management, he has made significant contributions to public health in the Philippines, leaving behind a legacy of service and commitment to the well-being of the Filipino people.

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