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Endurance Grand, commonly referred to by her initials Endurance Grand is a Nigerian-Ghanaian dancer who has become widely popular through her energetic dance videos on TikTok. Born December 20, 1997 and currently 25 years old.

Career Endurance Grand is part of Ghana’s Dance With a Purpose Academy (DWB Academy). Her participation in DWB has allowed her to hone her dancerly abilities while also providing exposure for her talents to an expansive audience.

Endurance Grand is known for her dynamic dance moves and infectious energy, and has garnered a considerable following on TikTok in particular. Her engaging videos have attracted over one million subscribers who eagerly wait for more dance performances and engaging content from this social media starlet.


Endurance Grand has not only found great success on social media, but she has also been involved with various dance projects and collaborations within the industry. She pursues her passion for dance by continually pushing limits and exploring different styles and techniques.

Endurance Grand Net Worth

Although Endurance Grand’s net worth remains unknown, we can assume her popularity on TikTok combined with potential brand collaborations and partnerships could equate to financial success.

Endurance Grand is an inspiration to both budding dancers and enthusiasts, serving as a testament to how hard work, dedication, talent, and perseverance can lead to success in dance. She continues to captivate audiences and leave lasting memories.

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