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Jackie Kennedy Biography

Jackie O was an iconic figure of American history. As John F. Kennedy’s wife for eight years and later Aristotle Onassis’, she dazzled audiences around the globe with her beauty, grace, style, and intellect; later marring Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis herself – leaving an indelible mark upon both nation and globe alike. We explore all facets of her remarkable life here including career net worth age marriage to President Kennedy impactful as First Lady tragic losses faith faith lasting legacy


Early Life and Education

Born into an affluent family on July 28, 1929 in Southampton, New York, Jackie Kennedy was the elder daughter of John Vernou Bouvier III and Janet Norton Lee and shared a close bond with Caroline Lee Bouvier; when their parents divorced in 1940 they divided time between Virginia (Mother) and New York City (Father).

Jackie O.’s early education emphasized literature, art and language – particularly French; her fluency became invaluable as First Lady when traveling overseas on diplomatic duties. She attended both New York’s Chapin School and Washington, D.C’s Holton-Arms School where she excelled academically while cultivating passions such as horseback riding and dancing.

Career Path and Rise to Prominence

Jackie quickly discovered her passion for journalism and literature during her undergraduate days at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York; however, two years later she transferred to George Washington University so as to be closer to family members. There, Jackie excelled academically while becoming involved with various activities on campus such as editing its newspaper and joining its drama club.


After graduating, Jackie Kennedy took up work as an inquiring photographer for the Washington Times-Herald. Her photographs covered events of all types, and brought her much recognition in journalism. However, Jackie made headlines again when she joined coverage of President Harry S Truman’s Inaugural Balls; there she met rising political star John F. Kennedy!

Marriage to John F. Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy’s life changed drastically when she wed John F. Kennedy on September 12th 1953 at St Mary’s Church in Newport Rhode Island for their marriage ceremony. Jackie immediately brought glamour, elegance and refinement into the White House with her elegant taste in fashion and interior design – quickly earning her recognition both domestically and abroad as a trendsetter and icon.

Jackie worked to restore and preserve the White House throughout her time as First Lady, turning it into an exhibition space of American art and history. Jackie established the White House Historical Association which played an instrumental role in safeguarding its historical legacy; additionally she spearheaded creation of National Endowments for Arts & Humanities to further her dedication to arts & culture outside her abode.

Tragic Losses The Kennedy family experienced great sorrow while serving in the White House, especially on November 22, 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was shot down and the nation mourned alongside Jackie as she showed incredible strength and dignity while mourning unimaginable grief. A bloodstained pink suit wearing Jackie standing next to Vice President Lyndon B Johnson as he took office later on Air Force One became an unforgettable image from this tragedy-laden day.


Just a few years later, on June 5, 1968, Jackie’s family would suffer yet another crushing blow when Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated while campaigning in Los Angeles, California, for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Life After White House

Jackie sought a more private life for herself and her two children Caroline and John Jr. She decided to marry Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis on October 20, 1968 at a highly publicized ceremony on his private island of Skorpios in Greece; although their union brought significant wealth and security for Jackie as well as media scrutiny and criticism. Following Aristotle Onassis’ death in 1975, Jackie returned to New York City where she worked as book editor at Viking Press and Doubleday publishing houses.

Jackie was active in many philanthropic endeavors throughout her life, supporting causes related to arts, historical preservation, education and resilience during difficult times – earning the respect and admiration of people worldwide.

Religion and Spirituality

Jackie Kennedy was raised Roman Catholic and maintained a close connection to her religion throughout her life, drawing strength from it during periods of difficulty including grieving for both of her husbands (John F. and Rose M. Kennedy) as well as mourning their deaths (Steve Mackey). She attended Mass regularly and even requested for one to be present during moments of national crisis like Cuban Missile Crisis; an indication of its central role during these crucial periods in her life.

Jackie Kennedy’s Net Worth and Estate

Jackie Kennedy amassed wealth throughout her lifetime through various sources, such as her inheritance from family members and later, through marriage to Aristotle Onassis. By the time of her death on May 19, 1994, it is estimated that Jackie’s estimated net worth had increased to an estimated $200 Million figure and her estate included valuable art works, properties, and personal possessions that she bequeathed to Caroline and John Jr. as their inheritance.

On May 19th 1994, Jackie Kennedy Onassis died following a four year fight with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at age 64, sparking worldwide mourning and tributes from people everywhere. Her body lay rest at Arlington National Cemetery alongside President Kennedy.

Jackie Kennedy will always be remembered fondly due to her significant impact on American culture and contributions towards safeguarding American history and art. As First Lady she left a mark that will resonate for generations – an elegant woman of intelligence and kindness who faced immense personal trials with strength and grace. Her influence will long outlive that of any president alone! Her influence reaches further back than just during President John F. Kennedy’s presidential term – it remains strong even today and generations hence! She will always be remembered with reverence by future generations!


Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ life story remains captivating and inspirational to this day. From her early days as a journalist to serving as First Lady and later becoming an international style icon, Jacqueline exemplified poise and resilience under immense strain – something her contributions to American society and culture bear witness to; making her one of its timeless figures that continues to remind us all about grace, courage, and intelligence’s role in building a better world.

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