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Nosa Asemota Biography

Nosa Asemota is a talented photographer who has gained recognition for his exceptional work in capturing moments that tell stories. He is best known for his association with prominent Nigerian politician Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who appointed him as his official photographer. Asemota’s skills and dedication have allowed him to leave an indelible mark in the world of photography. In this article, we will delve into his biography, net worth, age, and career.


Early Life

Nosa Asemota was born in Nigeria, although the exact date of his birth remains undisclosed. His passion for photography ignited during his early years, where he displayed a keen interest in capturing life’s fleeting moments. With his natural talent and a burning desire to excel in his craft, Asemota set out on a journey to pursue his dreams.


Asemota’s career as a photographer took off when he began working as a freelance photographer, capturing various events and occasions. His unique style and ability to capture the essence of the moment quickly gained attention within the industry. His work soon caught the eye of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a prominent Nigerian politician and former Governor of Lagos State.

In recognition of Asemota’s exceptional talent, Tinubu appointed him as his official photographer. This opportunity not only provided Asemota with a platform to showcase his skills but also allowed him to work closely with one of Nigeria’s most influential figures.


As Tinubu’s official photographer, Asemota has been responsible for documenting and preserving the politician’s important moments, including public appearances, political rallies, and meetings with other notable figures. Through his lens, Asemota has captured the essence of Tinubu’s journey and contributed to his visual narrative.

Nosa Asemota Net Worth

While there is limited information available about Nosa Asemota’s net worth, it is reasonable to assume that his association with a prominent politician like Bola Ahmed Tinubu has contributed significantly to his financial success. As an accomplished photographer, Asemota has likely received lucrative assignments and contracts, which have undoubtedly bolstered his overall wealth.

Nosa Asemota Age and Personal Life

As of 2023 Nosa Asemota is 41 years old, he was born on 1982 in Lagos, Nigeria.

He maintains a relatively low profile, focusing more on his work rather than public attention. However, it is evident that he possesses a deep passion for photography and is dedicated to perfecting his craft.



Nosa Asemota has emerged as a notable photographer, known for his talent in capturing significant moments that tell powerful stories. His journey has been elevated by his appointment as the official photographer for Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a prominent Nigerian politician. With his unique style and dedication to his craft, Asemota continues to make a mark in the world of photography, leaving a lasting impact on those who view his work. As he further establishes himself in the industry, we can expect to witness more remarkable achievements from this talented photographer.

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