Singer Golu Raja Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Wife, Wikipedia

Singer Golu Raja Biography

Golu Raja has made headlines recently as an outstanding Bhojpuri singer who is being discussed within the industry. We will soon provide details regarding his net worth.


Who Is Golu Raja, Bhojpuri Folk Singer?

Golu Raja is a celebrated Bhojpuri folk singer known for his melodious voice and live stage performances. Born in Arrah district of Bihar, Golu Raja rose to stardom through hard work after beginning his career back in 2011. Since then he has reigned supreme in Bhojpuri film industry, hailing from Bhumihar caste and having released many hits songs!

Golu Raja was born in Arrah district of Bihar. Golu has contributed many hit songs in Bhojpuri film industry. For his biography please see below which are as follows.

Biographical Information on Golu Raja of Ara Bihar. Since 1997. At 26 Years Old. His Father is Golu Ram and Mother is Golu Raja (Bhumihar), living in Ara Bihar with no current or past partners (none). Income: 2 to 2.5 Lakh per Month | Net worth = 2 Caroor or Vehicles and Mobile Number is +918210635306
Personal Life
Golu Raja lives a very simple lifestyle; he lives with his family in his hometown Arrah, Bihar; he has yet to marry and doesn’t currently have a significant other; most often doing stage shows. People know her far away because she leads all actresses in Bihar in stage show productions.



Golu Raja started his schooling at his own village school before attending Arrah University to finish off his education.

Golu Raja Controversy
Any artist or singer striving for success often encounters significant difficulties along their path – Golu Raja being no exception. He has faced these hurdles on several occasions.

Golu Raja had an ongoing disagreement with Anupama Yadav over some issue; Anupama Yadav later clarified it on social media. Additionally, Golu Raja attended a birth party stage show for Bhanu Dubey’s son at Gadwar police station area of Uttar Pradesh when there was gunfire and one bullet hit Golu’s arm; this incident is both Bihar and Uttar Pradesh related. This matter caused much discussion before finally getting resolved once Bhanu Dubey was arrested but finally this matter could get resolved as well.

Golu Raja Social Media Accounts
mes Its mes During their visit to New Jersey they visited several social media accounts of the Golu Raja Family who welcomed them and made their debut: Facebook (GolurajadabangStar) and Instagram (goluraja35/).
Youtube: Twitter Update coming soon
Golu Raja began singing from an early age. People noticed his talent early on and began inviting him to participate in their programs, later Nahle Pe Dehla stage shows with great acclaim from audiences, before finally working in film Prithviraj as well. Today he is considered by many young hearts as “their heartbeat”; and continues doing amazing programs throughout his career.


Golu Raja’s Income Net Worth

Golu Raja makes an excellent living. In any given month he can bring in approximately 2 lakhs in earnings.

Golu Raja Income/Net Worth Golu Raja Income
Each Month: Two Lakh (month) Monthly Net Worth = two crores Song List / Najariya Ke Baan Se Raja Ji Ke Korawe Me Ja (tu hi jab Rahabu Na) Aamawa Lagawala Piya Ho
Muwale Muhawa Dekhabu Nirgun. [faq]. Where Does Golu Raja Live].

Golu Raja Arrah hails from Bihar.

What is Golu Raja’s age?

Golu Raja, 26, can be reached on her mobile number: 08042541715.

Golu Raja Mobile number +91-8206 35306

How much does Golu Raja make per month?

Golu Raja currently earns two lakhs every month.

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