Iniko – JerichoIniko

Iniko, a multi-talented American record producer and audio engineer, comes through with another cruise beat tagged “Jericho”.


On top of that, this new thriller “Jericho” serves as a follow-up to his previous delivery.

At this point, according to Wiredogsmusic said; the new song is the kind that makes you feel pleased rather than sad, and also an enduring and seductive classic that merits a place in your music library.


I’m high, I’m from outer spaceI got Milky Way for blood, evolution in my veinI’m gone, I’ve been far awayI’ma lumineer now, makin’ moves, startin’ wavesI’ve been dreaming about flying for a long timeI had a vision from the grey’s, they wanna co-signArtificially intelligent, new-AII’m your future, past and present, I’m the fine line
Yeah, I’m a missing link of this illusionI am not really here, I’m an intrusionI don’t swim or sink, I just floatI don’t need gravity, I just need growth
When I move, it’s an earthquake rumbleI won’t ever, ever fall, never stumbleAnd I don’t need to be humbleBreak down walls like Jericho, crumble

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