Tanya Jha Bhojpuri Singer Biography, Net Worth, Age, Career, Husband, Wikipedia

Tanya Jha Bhojpuri Singer Biography

Tania Jha is such a singer who remains in discussion less for good works and more for controversies. In today’s blog, we will know in full detail about Tanya Jha Singer Biography profile, Boyfriend, Age and Family.


Tanya Jha Personal Life

If we know about Tanya Jha Personal Life, Tania Jha’s real name is Tania Jha.

Name Tania Jha
father’s name
date of birth
Age 28 years
birth place Bhagalpur Bihar
mother’s name
Business singer
hair color Black
the eyes Black
Amount to you
marital status Single
fame Bhojpuri Porn From the Village
Favourite Actor Khesari Lal Yadav, Pawan Singh
caste Pandit
Study Intermediate
Home Bhagalpur Bihar
Mobile number + 91- 70797 31973

Tanya Jha Bhojpuri song Industry Career

If we talk about Tanya Jha Bhojpuri song and Bhojpuri industry career, then Tanya Jha came in Bhojpuri industry in 2018 and released many songs but none of the songs became hits and then tanya jha ka bhojpuri song comes which is discussed all over Bihar. The topic becomes and discussion starts everywhere that who is Tanya Jha who has sung such a dirty song in Bhojpuri Industry.

And the lyrics of the song are 10 deke kish l 20 deke miss la 100, 50 deke hohu me se chikh la, after that Tania Jha is interviewed and tells the journalist that I will sing like this and the controversy will subside for a few days. It happens, after that tanya jha ka gana comes, then the dispute starts.


And the lyrics of the song is Hamar Bhatra Ketno Thokela Tabo Na Laika Hokhela After that another song of Tanya Jha comes Tabiz Bana Di Ojha Ji Saiya Ke 2 Inch Badha Jaye Another song comes Pawan Singh Yaar Ha Khesari Bhatar Ha and on the day This controversy is growing.

Tanya Jha Bhojpuri Net Worth

Tanya Jha Bhojpuri net worth is currently unknown.

Tanya Jha Viral Video

Once upon a time, a pornographic video of Tanya Jha went viral, about which Tanya Jha came in a lot of discussion and many people watching her pornographic videos say that Tanya Jha is making the Bhojpuri film industry dirty, if you want to watch the video If yes, then you can watch that video by searching on the internet.

Social Media Accounts

If we talk about Tanya Jha’s social, Tanya Jha has not seen any such account so far that it can be said that this is her account, but some accounts are given below which are running in the name of Tanya Jha Official, if you want then check can do.


Tanya Jha Interview

If we talk about Tanya jha interview, then obscenity journalists keep going to her and taking her interview and she always remains in controversy regarding that interview and always remains in discussion, adding some of her videos below. yes you can see them.

Who is Tanya Jha?

Tanya Jha is a singer from Bhagalpur who sings Bhojpuri songs.

How old is Tanya Jha?

Tanya Jha is 28 years old

What is Tanya Jha’s mobile no?

Tanya Jha’s mobile number is taken from her Facebook page + 91- 70797 31973

contact number of tanya jha

Tanya Jha’s mobile no is taken from her Facebook page + 91- 70797 31973

Where does Tanya Jha live?

Tanya Jha is a resident of Bhagalpur

tanya jha net worth ?

Earnings of Tanya Jha has been revealed so far, it will be updated as soon as it comes.

I hope you have understood well about Tanya Jha Singer Biography and Net Worth.

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