Sakina Did 3 Marriages Without Divorce, Third Husband Sonu Yadav Did Second Marriage

Troubled by Sakina and her lover, Sakina’s parents get Sakina married at the age of 15, but after marriage, Sameena leaves her husband and runs away with her lover and then marries her childhood lover Irfan for the second time of her own free will. Meanwhile, Sakina meets Sonu Yadav and Sonu Yadav also falls madly in love with Sameena and leaves Hinduism and becomes a Muslim and gets married, but after 3 years, now she is a Hindu again. Got married secondly according to customs, now the first wife has created a ruckus, what is the whole matter, let’s understand in detail.

Sakina’s First Marriage

Sakina had an elder girl and she falls in love with a boy named Irfan and both of them start meeting secretly, then this news comes to Abu Jaan of Sameena while roaming around and he starts looking for a relationship. Seeing the boy, they get their daughter Sameena married. Sameena did not like her husband and kept on loving Irfan and the love affair continued. When our team talked to Sameena, Sameena says that my husband was falsified twice. It was then that Irfan came one day and took us along with my three children and we both got married and started living together.

Sakina’s Second Marriage

Sakina left the first husband because he had falsified his hand and went away with Irfan with 3 children and got married and lived with Irfan for eight years and then Irfan’s heart was filled and he slowly Sakina started moving out of life and another love started in Sakina’s life with Sonu Yadav, who is a resident of Siwan district, now Sakina started living with both Sonu Yadav and Irfan and when love increased with Sonu Yadav, Sonu Yadav converted to Islam and married Sonu for the third time.

Sakina’s Third Marriage

Sakina marries Sonu Yadav for the third time when she doesn’t get away from Irfan and Sonu also remains madly in love with Sakina. Sonu Yadav renounces Hinduism for Sakina and becomes a Muslim. By custom and both start living together, both live together for about four years.

And both have a lot of fun, Sameena buys mobiles ten to twelve times and also buys a car, let me tell you Sameena’s age is 40 years and Sonu Yadav’s age is 25 years. She also gives lakhs of rupees but no one has been able to stop Azad Panchi, one day he goes to her, exactly the same thing happens, a girl comes into Sonu Yadav’s life, who was from Yadav community, Sonu marries her one day.

Sonu Yadav’s Second Marriage

Sonu Yadav was now infatuated with Sakina Khatoon, Sonu now got used to the new taste and now he slowly started moving away from Sameena Khatoon and Shamina started following him, only then Sonu Yadav gets married and a ruckus arises. Now Sonu Yadav is saying that Sakina Khatoon had forcefully married us, I had not accepted any Islam religion.

What is Saying Sameena khatoon

Sakina Khatoon is saying that Sonu Yadav has cheated us, played with our body, got us to buy a car and a mobile phone, built a house with my money, now he has left me and fled and Sameena Khatoon’s second husband and third husband are friends. Has become and Sameena is saying good and bad to Khatoon, Sameena is still not showing the way so that she can accept her husband and keep him with her, although she has also written a report in Siwan Women’s Police Station, but she is satisfied with the action taken. No one is saying that no one is helping her.

What Does Sameena Say About Her Parents

When Sheikh Israfil Alam of our team asked what do your parents do and why don’t you take advice from them, then Sakina Khatoon says that my father has ruined my life. Paralyzed boy got me married when our team asked Sakina that father marries only for good, she says that my father gets my two younger sisters to do business.

He gets my father’s two younger daughters to do business, one’s name is ATM, my sister’s name is Hasina, but people call her ATM.

My Father Has Made Hasina an ATM

My father gets Haseena to do business and eats from her money, people say that she does business, this is an ATM, you can deposit and withdraw anytime, when Sakina Khatoon heard this from her mouth, she was shocked that what an obscene thing she was saying. But was she saying something bigger than this?

What does Sakina want?

Sakina wants that her husband Sonu Yadav should come back to her and stay with us as he was living. If he does not come then legal action should be taken against him. Is

What does Sakina Khatoon do?

Sakina works as a nurse in a hospital in Siwan and all the money she has given is from the nurse’s money only.

Below is the video of Sakina’s talk, watch and listen to Sakina herself.


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